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Dr. Veronikis

His passion for surgical perfection, paired with his devotion and his focus to only practice vaginal surgery, has led Dr. Veronikis to refine a surgical skill set that very few surgeons possess. An expert in vaginal surgery and transvaginal mesh removal, his unique surgical skill set and technique has helped thousands of women worldwide find relief from complications related to mesh. Maintaining a true focus to continually refine his vaginal surgery techniques, Dr. Veronikis is regarded as the leader in the surgical management of mesh complications and is highly successful in removing the spectrum of transvaginal mesh kits from slings to complicated prolapse mesh kits including the plastic anchor components when present, as well as repairing the internal damage that may be associated with mesh.

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The fundamental aspects of mesh removal surgery can be summarized into seven basic principles:

1) Extreme expertise in vaginal surgery

2) Knowledge of pelvic anatomy

3) The surgeon’s ability to obtain exposure

4) Understanding of incontinence and prolapse conditions and their treatments

5) Knowledge of vaginal mesh post-implantation effects

6) Technical skill

7) Surgical judgment

Mesh removal is by far the most complicated and technically demanding procedure(s) a gynecologic surgeon can perform secondary to the scarring/adherence of the mesh on the delicate pelvic organs, the distorted anatomy, previously operated vaginal tissues and the mesh arms that penetrated the pelvic floor muscles.

Therefore, it is imperative that you do your own research and pursue mesh removal surgical treatment with a master vaginal surgeon, with a proven track record of successful and safe mesh removals, who is tenured in the treatment of vaginal prolapse and incontinence; and is able to remove the mesh without tissue destruction utilizing a tissue sparing removal technique by obtaining the needed surgical exposure.

Above all, it is the surgical skill set, experience and judgement of the surgeon that will make the difference for the outcomes of each particular patient and the quality of life.


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