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Dr. Veronikis’ Mesh Removal Images

Dr. Veronikis has performed over 2000 mesh removal surgeries to date that include every type of sling, prolapse mesh kit, sacrocolpopexy mesh including anchors and titanium screws.

Dr. Veronikis explains;

The best and invariably, the only chance to remove the mesh is with the first surgery while the mesh implant is intact and uninterrupted where the continuity can be followed. 

Partial removals are problematic. I do not proceed into a mesh removal surgery with the mindset to do a partial removal. Usually, there is pain from the arms and vaginal pain and many times exposure of the mesh in the vagina. Therefore, to resolve all the symptoms and best chance to resolve the pain, I approach every surgery with the philosophy to remove all mesh, and to do so in a complete manner.

Partial removals, especially with pain from the arms, frequently do not relieve the patient’s symptoms. As mentioned the lateral arms in the levator muscles and the groins are mainly the cause of the pain.In prolapse kits, when the mesh “belly” is removed off of the bladder or rectum, and detached from the arms, the arms then become more rigid, acting like a “poker” that can further irritate the tissues – this causes pain with motion as well as with coitus and even at rest.

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The images below are of removed meshes performed by Dr. Veronikis and are subject to Copyright. 

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