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Activating your pelvic floor from ground zero!

After my full removal of a TVT-O by Dr Veronikis in October 2014, I tried to strengthen my pelvic floor. I spent a few months doing the exercises and during that time, a friend told me about a website called Whole Woman.

I became very confused about what to do with my pelvic floor after reading the information on that site. I stopped doing my pelvic floor exercises and instead, changed my posture. I know I should have done a lot more than that but honestly, I couldn’t afford their program so I just made do with the information that I had at the time, which wasn’t a lot!  

This video explains their fundamental principles and practices. Please have a look and do let me know in the comments below what you think about this practice.

HOWEVER, I am now going through a struggle with this information because I went to a physiotherapist on Friday 23rd November due to severe pelvic pain. She found that my adductor muscles (this muscle is affected because my TVT-O was implanted through the obturator fossa) and glutes (gluteus maximus) are extremely tight and they are doing all the work to support my pelvis and my back! She said that strengthening my pelvic floor will support my pelvis and take the tension off my adductors and glutes and SHOULD reduce my pelvic pain. 

A friend on the Australian Pelvic Mesh Support Group on Facebook sent me a link to a video for pelvic floor strengthening which I have added below. Please have a look at the links and videos I have added and make your own mind up. I am going to try the pelvic floor strengthening in the video below and see if it makes a difference to my pain.

I do NOT recommend pelvic floor exercises whilst mesh is still in your body. I also do not recommend physiotherapy whilst mesh is still in your body. These exercises are for women who have had full mesh removal or who do not have a mesh implant at all. I am sorry if you still have mesh and you are having complications. I have always only recommended one surgeon, Dr Veronikis in St Louis.

Please contact Dr Veronikis directly if you would like more information about his incredible mesh removal skills. I have seen many, many pictures of his removed meshes and I can honestly say that I have not seen any other pictures on the internet from surgeons that equal his calibre.


One thought on “Activating your pelvic floor from ground zero!”

  1. Dr. Veronikis did my pelvic surgery 7 years ago, I had total vaginal prolapse with scarring from previous surgery. I have been so happy with his skills to make me feel like a woman again. He is amazing, with an excellent bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr. Veronikis to any woman with pelvic problems, you dont have to suffer.


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